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30 Savings Tips


  1. Cook at home… barbeque with friends.
  2. Make your own coffee and tea; brew your own beer.
  3. Take your lunch to work.
  4. Make a grocery list before going to the store (and stick to it!).
  5. Go grocery shopping only when you are in a hurry.
  6. Don’t grocery shop when you are hungry.
  7. If you use a grocery store loyalty card, put aside the “savings” shown on your receipt.
  8. Use reusable grocery bags to get a discount at the store.
  9. Watch expiration dates.
  10. Buy generic products if available.
  11. Avoid ATM and overdraft fees.
  12. Pay bills on time and avoid late fees.
  13. Buy a refillable water bottle and eliminate buying individual bottles.
  14. Turn your lights off and your thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter.
  15. Keep your car maintained to eliminate repairs caused by neglect.
  16. Carpool or ride a bike.
  17. Combine errands to reduce gas consumption.
  18. Get discounts on gas through store loyalty programs.
  19. Check your credit card bills for monthly charges that can be canceled.
  20. Go to matinees instead of evening movies.
  21. Shop at resale shops and garage sales.
  22. Look for free entertainment.
  23. Reduce your cable bill and stream what you pay for.
  24. Consider canceling your landline telephone service.
  25. Use social media savings coupons (but only for things you would buy anyway).
  26. Go to the library and use online libraries where available.
  27. Check for online coupons before shopping.
  28. Review your insurance coverage for savings opportunities.
  29. Have a CPA review your tax return for areas to reduce your tax expense.
  30. Take cash only when you go out on the town, and when your cash is gone, go home.

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