effective corporate speakersFor corporate speakers and trainers, they address topics that seem inherently dry. But effective corporate speakers know how to turn the most mundane subject matter into a lively, engaging presentation. With zeal, they are able to inspire audiences and move them to action.

Here are some qualities of effective corporate speakers:

  1. They are authentic. – Effective corporate speakers communicate from the heart. Their message resonates with their audience because they have passion for the subject and believe in their message.
  2. They find ways to teach. – Effective corporate speakers understand that their audience may not have a mixed level of acumen or savvy related to the subject matter being presented. That’s why they go to great lengths to make concepts discussed easy-to-understand and provide a thorough explanation.
  3. They use a variety of approaches. – Effective presenters use a variety of approaches to get their message across. These approaches address people’s different learning styles, including verbal, visual, aural, logical and social methods.
  4. They use metaphors. – Many concepts in business can be complex with a lot of jargon. Although people in the field will understand these terms, others who are not will quickly lose interest. To avoid this, effective corporate speakers find ways to incorporate metaphors into their presentation. By using relatable metaphors, audience members will be able to better grasp the subject matter.
  5. They know the art of storytelling. – Similar to metaphors, stories can bridge the gap and unify the speaker with his or her audience. A relatable story with a universal experience is the fastest way to connect with your audience. This is also very effective in highlighting key themes of your presentation.
  6. They inject humor. – Strategically placed humor can help lighten up the mood. It also is a fun reprieve for audience members who may need a mental break.

In short, effective corporate speakers find masterful ways to turn ordinary and tedious subject matter into engaging content. So try these helpful tips the next time you want to activate, motivate and inspire your audience.

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