marketing mixA box of chocolate Turtles is one of life’s great pleasures. But as delicious as they are, I wouldn’t want to eat them every day. Even the most refined, best-tasting chocolate will grow tiresome if consumed daily. Eat too much and too often, and the magic dissipates.

The same principle holds true for marketing content. Even the most brilliantly conceived and executed approach grows stale over time. A fresh marketing mix is essential to keep your target audience engaged. Fail to do so, and you run the very real risk of attracting and retaining fewer customers.

Here are a few strategies you can use to keep your marketing fresh and engaging.

The Power of Video

There is a reason marketers love video: it is high impact, grabs the attention of the audience and conveys information in a compelling way. Potential clients who might otherwise refuse to read text will often watch a short video with no complaint.

Given the benefits involved, it’s no wonder platforms like Facebook are becoming increasingly video-centric. If your business isn’t keeping current with the recent shift toward video, you are likely falling behind. A video campaign distributed via social media is a great way to tell a compelling story about your brand and liven up your marketing.

Vary Your Approach

Sticking with something that has worked in the past is the path of least resistance. But changing your approach and experimenting with something new requires courage and effort.

I recommend occasionally experimenting with your content marketing. This can take many forms, including changing your SEO tactics, publishing more content or switching your distribution platforms. Ultimately, the goal is to grow your audience, and this is hard to do if your content is predictable.

Keep Your Voice Relevant

A brand needs to speak with a single, coherent voice. Yet it is also important for that voice to remain vibrant and engaging. A great brand voice is versatile, knowing when to make changes in tone when addressing teenagers on Snapchat and Baby Boomers on Facebook. It does this without ever departing from its core message.

Obviously, this is one of the trickiest challenges in marketing. Speaking credibly to distinct audiences while maintaining a coherent brand voice isn’t always easy. Yet it’s important to feature this kind of versatility. If you are going to market on social platforms, make sure you understand the culture and communicate with a brand voice that is fresh and relevant.

Moving Forward

A boring, stale marketing mix leads to disengaged audiences. By following a strategy of relevant and consumable marketing, you can keep things fresh and engage clients in a unique way across multiple platforms.


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