Every good entrepreneur has passion—a burning desire to see what they love come to life and grow. This passion permeates their thoughts, drives their actions and propels them to keep reaching for something greater. This is why passion is often associated with entrepreneurial success.

But passion fuels more than success; it has the power to engage others. Here are four key reasons why:

#1. Inspiration Attracts

Passion is inspirational; who isn’t riveted in the presence of someone with electric energy for an exciting project? Think Apple’s Steve Jobs, Starbucks’ Howard Schultz or Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few. This inspiration is contagious and makes colleagues, investors, acquaintances and friends all want to be part of your business.

#2. A Motivating Factor

 Passion has the power to motivate in ways that money and other material incentives cannot. It is intangible but has the very real effect of transforming dreams into reality. It was Ray Kroc’s passion for restaurant systems,, and Walt Disney’s passion for animation, that turned McDonald’s and Disney into the international phenomenon they are today. Their passion has attracted millions to engage with their products.

#3. Foundation for Trust

Passionate leaders earn trust and credibility, which is very attractive.

When you love what you do and are dedicated to realizing your objectives, others take notice. They are intrigued. More importantly, they believe in you and your work.

Take for example, Steve Jobs, whose passion and vision for Apple products has inspired unwavering trust among consumers worldwide.  Apple products are now household names with great prestige, among both teenagers and adults.

#4. A Unifying Bond

People often look for others who share their interests. When they see entrepreneurs with the same values, they automatically connect with them and want to engage with their brand or product. This shared bond is a blueprint for growing a customer base and maintaining loyalty.

The Bottom Line

Passion for your business is contagious. It inspires, motivates, establishes trust and creates a special bond with customers. So if you really want to succeed, find your passion and make a difference. The world is waiting!

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