how to become a motivational speakerA great motivational speaker has the power to educate, uplift and inspire people to realize their dreams and full potential. They should have a gift for galvanizing people into action and helping them transform their desires into action.

So are great motivational speakers simply born with their skills or is this something they learned? Although some people are undoubtedly blessed with eloquent communication skills, anyone willing to work hard can become an effective motivational speaker.

Here are four tips to help you become a powerful motivational speaker:

#1. Master Your Subject

Great motivational speakers have a niche and are able to impart their wisdom in their area of expertise.

In-depth knowledge of a subject will establish you as an authority. Personal experience also greatly contributes to solidifying your unique place in the field. Knowledge and experience will give you credibility, which in turn builds trust with your audience.

#2. Connect with Your Audience

Always remember that your goal as a motivational speaker is to inspire and move others to action. A big part of this is understanding what keeps audiences intrigued and engaged over an extended period of time. This can be challenging in today’s society, given individuals are constantly checking their smartphones, even during live events.

Here are a few things you should incorporate in every presentation to keep people engaged:

  • A clear narrative with a distinct beginning, middle and uplifting conclusion
  • Compelling personal anecdotes
  • Humor that is genuine and inoffensive
  • Audience interaction: ask audience questions or to share a related experience
  • Actionable steps audience members can take to achieve intended goal

#3. Refine Your Delivery

Once your expertise is established, the next step is to work on your delivery. Exciting, engaging delivery is what turns good information into truly awe-inspiring material. Stand-up comics are great examples of how important delivery and timing are to any presentation.

Public speaking courses and organizations such as Toastmasters are an excellent way to develop your communication skills and gain confidence in front of an audience. Also, keep in mind your pace and rhythm. Don’t rush through your material. Take your time and make sure to hit all your points. Audience will appreciate this and be able to better absorb your message.

#4. Establish an Online Presence

To raise your profile and become an in-demand motivational speaker, you will need a professional website, active social media accounts and business cards. You should also consider writing articles for publication and make media appearances if possible. The larger your media footprint, the easier it will be to secure bookings. You can also hire an advertising agency to help position yourself as an expert and assist in booking appearances.

Your Next Move

Inspiring others and making a palpable difference in people’s lives is truly rewarding. If you have a powerful story to tell or unique advice, share it with others. If you do, you will experience immeasurable joy knowing you touched and improved someone’s life.

Contact me today to learn more about becoming a motivational speaker or if you are interested in joining my Master Mentor program, which includes media and speaking training and in some cases, being on stage with me at relevant events.

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