inspirational speakers for corporate eventsThroughout my career, I have had the opportunity to share my love of passion for financial literacy and entrepreneurship with numerous audiences in a number of ways. One thing I have learned and impart to many of the people I mentor, is that when it comes to public speaking, it is crucial to be engaging, providing your audience with relevant information that moves them to action. That’s why when you put on an event, it is important to find the right speaker who can motivate audiences. A powerful speaker will be remembered by your guests and make your event a success.

The Power of a Great Speaker

Most people are familiar with Apple’s famous product announcements. They are part marketing, part pep rally, and almost always well-received by consumers. Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO, was a big reason why these announcements acquired such cache.

Jobs wasn’t just a marketing and design genius; he was a brilliant public speaker. He made his presentations look effortless and exciting, and spoke in a style that captivated audiences and made them feel as if they were part of something special.

Move People to Action

The very best speakers possess a skill that is exceedingly rare: They can galvanize others to action. This isn’t an easy task, as most people naturally drift toward inaction. There is always a reason to put off what we should be doing, and taking no action is usually the path of least resistance.

But great speakers have the ability to break through and thwart inertia. By communicating with passionate authenticity, they inspire people to take action and make a positive change.

Ultimately, this is what most people want from attending an event—not just great information they can use, but true, heart-felt inspiration which will impact their lives for the better. If a speaker can motivate people this way, your conference will be a rousing success.

Finding the Right Speaker

Don’t get discouraged if you are not able to book a high-profile individual to headline your event. There are many other ways to find the right speaker. One of the best resources to visit is the National Speakers Association’s website, which provides access to a wide range of speakers with expertise on a variety of topics.

A LinkedIn search is another smart way to find candidates for your event. This medium allows you quickly review their background and then reach out via message.

SpeakerMatch is also another service that allows you to search for the perfect candidate for your needs. You might also consider your local Chamber of Commerce, which is often an excellent resource for local speaking talent.

Your Next Move

The right public speaker can make your conference an unforgettable experience for your participants. Make sure to always choose someone who can stir audiences to action, long after your event is over. This way, they will truly make an impact.

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