Growing Through Life and Releasing Scars with Cody Byrns

On a Friday afternoon in 2013, everything in Cody Byrns’ life changed. After being hit by a box truck on the highway, it took him three years and several miracles to get back on his feet. But Cody made the decision that he was not going to let the challenges he faced from the accident hold him back, but use it as an opportunity to push himself further in his life. Join us for a moving conversation about how to grow through life and release the scars of the past.

Ultimately I had to embrace what happened. And I had to realize that as hard and as difficult as it is, there was no changing it; I can’t go back. However, I can change my today and make the most of it.”

What You Will Discover

  1. A vision to embrace challenges and treat each day as a gift

  2. How to find resiliency and lift yourself up through challenging experiences

  3. The difference between going through life and growing through life


Check out this episode!

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