The Road from Idea to Scalable Business with Katy Mallory and Lou Childs

Every successful business solves a problem or serves a need. Our guests today have a wonderful story to share about how they served a need that grew out of personal experience, and how they are scaling that idea into a thriving business. Katy Mallory was visiting her family for the holidays, when she and her husband had to leave early because their 18-month-old wasn’t able to sleep through the night with her and her husband in the room. Now Katy and her mother Lou Childs have created SlumberPod, a portable solution to help toddlers and parents get more sleep when traveling. Katy and Lou were featured on Shark Tank, and are sharing about their experience creating and scaling their business today.


What You Will Discover

  • How to create and scale a business
  • The resources you need to support you in scaling your business
  • How to invest your time rather than spend it


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