Developing Opportunity Awareness with Brian Culhane

You aren’t going to gain the success that you want by being passive, but you can through actively making passive investments. Brian is the CEO of the Culhane Group and former president of EXP Realty, which both companies that thrive on investing and teaching others to properly invest in the real estate market. He is a Real Estate Wealth Coach who inspires many how to not just survive but retire through their investments.

Brian will talk about his own success and the success of those with who he has worked with. Despite the hurdles that he and his coworkers have faced along the way, he will prove that you should never let hurdles stand in your way. Brian speaks about the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities available to you, and the value, and potential of the real estate market. As an investor in the market myself, I can speak to the opportunities that the market provides and the true potentials it opens up for a world of success. Real estate can be a tool in your wealth-building toolbox, so use it!


What You Will Learn

  • Extraordinary examples of success
  • Importance of searching for opportunities
  • How to create success from real estate
  • How to get your start in the real estate market

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