Building Systems from Your Vision with Frank Fiume II

Frank Fiume s a leading pioneer in the franchise industry and the founder of i9 sports, a leading franchisor of youth leagues and camps. i9 has over two million participants in 900 communities and spans across 30 states nationwide. He is a shining example of what it means to Play Big and truly understands what it means to be a pioneer in his field.⁣

Frank and I discuss the conviction required to work in business, and the characteristics a person needs to thrive, including following the untrammeled path and really focusing on what you love and what you do well. We also speak about the differences between entrepreneurship and franchising, and the needs of either type of business. To finish it off, we discuss how to know when it is time to step away from your business and allow it to grow outside of yourself. Allowing yourself precious time to pursue other ventures and continue to grow yourself.⁣

What You Will Learn⁣
– Difference between buying a franchise and entrepreneurship⁣
– Importance of doing what is right, not what is popular⁣
– Characteristics you should look for in your franchise owners ⁣
– How “Success without fulfillment is ultimate failure”⁣

Frank’s Website: FrankFiume.com⁣

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