Pursuing Freedom with Erin Bradley

Erin Bradley is an expert when it comes to building a life that you do not need a vacation from. Once hitting rock bottom trying to build her business, Erin was able to build success without giving up her peace of mind, or quality of life. Through her coaching work, public speaking, and recent book Pursuing Freedom, Erin is able to teach people her technique to build a career and company that allows for both time AND financial freedom. She is the host of The Real Estate Podcast, mother, founder, and all-around amazing human.


In this episode, Sharon speaks with Erin about how she overcame her initial struggles and was able to build her business through not only educating herself but through prioritizing happiness and creating an environment for her coworkers where they felt that they could work hard without giving up their quality of life. We cover Erin’s journey from barely being able to afford a cup of coffee to the highly successful businesswoman that she is today. Erin and I speak about the value of creating businesses that can propel you to success and put money in your wallet your entire life rather than just up to retirement. Learn to build a life where you do not need to make concessions to achieve the happiness that you deserve.


What You Will Learn

  • How to love your business and life
  • Tips to avoid burnout
  • Reasons to develop a heart-centered company
  • Overcoming burnout
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