Discovering Who You Are with Katie Richardson

Katie Richardson is an entrepreneur, speaker, product designer, coach, welder, mom, wife, and innovator who is a true force in every field in which she works. In addition to creating amazing products like the puj tub, Katie is a life coach helping hundreds of women transform their lives and achieve their wildest dreams. Through reshaping her mindset and acknowledging her talents rather than stepping away from the spotlight, Katie was able to achieve fulfillment in every aspect of her life from career to life and family.

Sharon speaks with Katie about how to achieve this sense of fulfillment in every aspect of her life, both spiritually and entrepreneurially. We speak about the importance of feeling fulfilled and how it comes with a powerful grasp of your own self-worth. Especially women tend to rely on feeling invisible and like there is nothing special about them, however, Katie goes into depth into why it is vital that we never give up and rather find out how we are destined to succeed.


What You Will Learn

  • Importance of understanding creation and building in starting a business
  • Value of feeling fulfilled in every aspect of life
  • Importance of understanding our own self worth
  • Risks of feeling like we want to give up
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