Strategies to Refire with Sharon Lechter

The term ‘refire’ is about taking action. It involves strategizing, motivating and mobilizing. Reignite your passion and blast through the barriers that are keeping your back. It is a strategic and systematic process that takes a high level of internalized thought and reimagining of the new realities of your life and the changes that you need to adapt in your own life so that you can reach your fullest potential. The world is constantly changing, and we need to adapt to the ever-shifting ways of the time in order to serve the greatest number of people, live the most satisfying life, and put the most dollars in our wallets!⁣

⁣What You Will Learn:

-How to adjust your ‘platform’ based on the needs of your industry⁣
-What to consider when you refire aspects of your life⁣
-Calculated steps to making the greatest change and create maximum impact⁣
-Specific adjustments to restructure your business and the benefits

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