What Kills Motivation with Sharon Lechter

Fear does not always have negative outcomes, but it all too often squanders motivation rather than forcing us to channel that same fear and anxiety into personal drive and determination to achieve our goals. Through setting a clear vision of where we are to be and what we want to do, we can take the necessary steps to move our lives in the right direction. Rather than getting caught up in what is not possible, it is important to internalize the things in our lives that kill motivation and use it as fuel to become #1, own our futures, and create maximum impact.⁣

What You Will Learn:⁣

-Importance of avoiding aspects of our lives that kill motivation⁣
-How to channel lack of motivation into inspiration⁣
-The difference between owning a ‘job’ and owning a ‘business’⁣
-Benefits of internalizing our goals⁣
-How to make the maximum impact despite roadblocks

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