Mindset Skills of Millionaires with JV Crum III

JV Crum III is able to live a benevolent and meaningful life, while still earning big. JV grew up in a lower income household in Florida but quickly set his sights on earning big and escaping poverty. Achieving millionaire status at a young age,  JV realized that while he was earning the paycheck that he always desired, he wasn’t living the life that he wanted to live. This prompted him to start Conscious Millionaire, a company dedicated to train individuals who want to get rich while also making a meaningful difference. Individuals are able to start businesses that leave them feel the deep sense of fulfillment needed to live a well-balanced and significant life.

Sharon speaks with JV about his upbringing and how he reached his current level of success, as well as his motivations behind his business and career path. They also discuss the value of helping others in your path to success, and how getting the money you want doesn’t need to mean that you aren’t doing what you want. JV speaks about his podcast and book, diving into concepts such as possibility statements and internal shifts. JV and Sharon speak about the never ending possibilities within entrepreneurship that are allowed for in the modern world.


What You Will Learn

  • How JV got his start
  • How to get rich and make a meaningful difference
  • Definition of possibility statement and internal shift
  • Growing consciousness about what is possible
  • New possibilities within entrepreneurship

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