Navigating Hardship and Disruption with David Giersdorf

David Giersdorf is a true expert when it comes to overcoming hurdles to success and reaching greatness through hard work. Founder of the major tourism organization Global Voyages Group, David now is the president of Giersdorf Group, where he provides the data and insight necessary to help people from all walks of life connect with extraordinary travel brands that will take their travel adventures to new heights. David also works as a podcast host, advisor and author of Hard Ships: Navigating Your Company, Career and Life Through the Fog of Disruption.


Sharon speaks with David about his journey from a young child of a single parent growing up in Alaska to a teen assisting with running his father’s tourism agency to the amazing achiever that he is today. They have a frank conversation about the struggles of the tourism agency and the trials and tribulations that he went through due to COVID. David speaks about how to turn disparity into opportunity and fear into faith. Sharon and David share their honest advice on how to transform roadblocks into major stepping stones in the path to success.


What You Will Learn

  • Tips on working your way up to success
  • How to overcome tribulations at a young age
  • David’s career path
  • Natural struggles of the tourism industry
  • How to transform opportunity into disparity
  • How to gain faith from fear

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