Capturing Attention Through Digital Marketing with Kasim Aslam

Kasim Aslam is the founder of Solutions 8, a nationally ranked creative agency and digital media certified partner that specializes in Google Ads. He is additionally a life coach, speaker and the author of the new book The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing. Kasim is an expert not only in maximizing the financial success of every client that he works with, but additionally in advising people in how to take their personal brands to new heights as well.

Sharon and Kasim speak about the digital marketing industry and all of its intricacies. They go into depth into the function of Google Ads and the valuable information, both positive and negative, that it can expose for business owners. They also speak honestly about Kasim’s recommendations when it comes to Google Ads and his recommended approach in ensuring that the way in which you are presented is top notch before devoting millions on the ads meant to drive traffic. Kasim and Sharon speak about the function of digital advertising in the market today and how advertising strategy is far from a one size fit all approach.


What You Will Learn

  • Kasim’s path to starting his business
  • Kasim’s opinions on digital marketing
  • How to build your personal brand
  • How digital marketing has evolved
  • Importance of caring about your clients

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