YOUTHpreneur team teaches teens free enterprise

The YOUTHpreneur team joined up with the Boys & Girls Club once again to teach teens how to be financially prepared for the future in an event the first weekend of October. The annual Boys & Girls Club Keystone Conference brought scores of local high schoolers together in a series of three workshops to learn about free enterprise. At the conference YOUTHpreneur instructors helped teens learn vital business concepts such as the difference between passive and active sales, how to present yourself and the difference between income, expenses and profit. A key component of the success of many entrepreneurs is their confidence in tackling any project and their ability to communicate well. The YOUTHpreneur team taught the teens at the conference their motto for confidence – BE FAB; Back Straight, Eye Contact, Firm Hand Shake, Ask Questions and Be Bold. YOUTHpreneur instructors really wanted to show that a great entrepreneur is only as good as their ability to communicate their ideas to others. The Boys & Girls Club Keystone Conference is just another way the YOUTHpreneur team is staying active in the community and reaching out to new audiences to spread the lessons of financial literacy and education.

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