Keep Our Amazing Teachers, Refine Our Education System

Napoleon Hill outlined some gaping flaws in our education system some 70 plus years ago, and unfortunately very little has changed in that time – in fact those flaws might have even grown worse. Today’s educational system is a complex bureaucracy that attempts to fit every child in America to the same standard. An impossible hope and an irrational thought knowing how complex and individual each person is. What works for one will not necessarily work for another.
Teachers struggle day in and day out to reach and teach children as individuals, but despite their best efforts they’re often held to a system that allows no room or time for flexibility. We have some amazing teachers in this country, but we’re strangling their ability to do what they do best – teach! – because they’re conformed to an unbending system.
If we want change then we need to ask for it. We need to ask for it loud and clear, in unity and in solidarity. There are many privatized methods of teaching that far excel those being used in public schools. It’s time we demand them throughout all our schools. Make sure your voice is heard. Write to your senators and congressmen and let them know education is a top priority for you. We need to affect change now to create a better future for our children and their children.

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