Save on Back to School With Friends and Family

Still looking for ways to save on back to school items? Why not get rid of some old things, teach your kids some entrepreneurial lessons AND create a little more money to buy those back to school items with a yard sale? It can be a great way to do all of these things.The first step is approaching your kids with the idea, and letting them take control of it. Have them sit down with a piece of paper and plot out their plans. When to hold the yard sale, how are they going to let people know about it, creating any signs and more are all things they’ll have to think about. Spend a little time with them up in the dreaded attic or basement and find all those items you can start getting rid of. When it comes time for sale day, let them keep the profits – with the stipulation that they all go toward back to school needs. This way, they can be in charge or generating money for what they need and have the freedom to pick out the items they really want. Not only that, but they’ll have learned a valuable lesson in what might have worked or not worked during their yard sale. It’s something you can repeat with them each year and a lesson they’ll hold on to the rest of their lives.

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