It’s that time of year again!  With the holiday season in full swing you are probably low on time and may feel even lower on cash.  As you do your holiday shopping, keep in mind that excessive credit card bills can dampen the joy and tarnish the glow of the holiday spirit. The perfect holiday gift is one that creates memories and provides an experience that your loved ones will remember.  A greater price tag does not necessarily translate to greater enjoyment when it comes to gift giving.

To help keep you on track for the holidays and kick start your 2013, here are some key ideas for your financial well-being.

  1. Pay yourself first.  By consistently setting aside a portion of your income for savings, retirement, or your investment account before you pay your bills, you will develop a new financial confidence.
  1. Create clear written financial goals.  Clearly stated goals committed to writing will be the most compelling for action to achieve financial freedom.  Limit the number of goals to less than five, and pick ones that will inspire you to action. Goals are not just about numbers- but about creating the life you want, and deserve!
  1. Plan your spending   A spending plan (budget) provides you the tool to help you achieve your financial goals.  It helps control impulse shopping and overspending on holiday gifts.  Remember that it is the time and experience you spend with your loved ones that are most important…not the expense of the gifts that you buy.
  1. Reduce your bad debt load.  The first step is documenting all the debts you have.  Then pick one, and target it for elimination, through early payment, applying a tax refund, or negotiated payoff. Stay persistent and set goals that you can celebrate one you achieve them.
  1. Remember, we each have the power to control our own financial lives– to become masters of money.  If you feel more like a slave to money today, start with the small steps provided here.  Take one step at a time and keep at it.  Don’t forget to utilize available resources online.  There are countless free resources on the Internet and great low cost training at

The perfect gift this holiday season is that of financial education and empowerment and a stress free January. Consider our award winning ThriveTime for Teens board game for the youth in your life or our books and coaching programs for those adults still on your gift giving list.  Know someone still struggling with fear and financial insecurity? Outwitting the Devil will help them break the chains of fear and achieve the success they deserve. Visit to learn more about how you can kick start financial success for your loved ones this holiday season.

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than by helping others.  You can help us reach teens with the financial education they will need by supporting our Financial Education and Scholarship campaign at A small financial donation today will give the gift of a lifetime…financial education.  Start now to make 2013 a financial year to remember!

To your success!


Sharon Lechter

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