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This time of year it is easy to find articles about holiday shoppers who are “self-gifting” while they shop for the perfect gift for others.  Whether it is because the deals are too good to pass up or because shoppers tend to invest in or replenish categories of goods that others wouldn’t buy for them as a holiday gift (like a vacuum or electric toothbrush) when they are on deep discount, “self-gifting” around the holidays has gained momentum since the early 2000s.  As you are considering that perfect give that you will love, don’t leave a brighter and more fulfilling future off your list!

The following are some of my favorite products featured on our website that would make great gifts to yourself (or a loved one) and if you order before December 23rd using the coupon code “Holiday2013” you will received a 15% discount on your purchase.  And right now I am happy to offer limited edition autographed copies of all the featured books on my list.

  1. Save Wisely, Spend Happily– I was so honored to be asked by the AICPA to create their first ever consumer publication. In celebration of their 125th anniversary, I worked with the AICPA and over 125 professionals across the country to bring you the truth about money…spending it, saving it and investing.  I affectionately refer to this book as “Chicken Soup for the Wallet”.  Going into 2014, it is the perfect guide for you or a loved one on what to look for, what questions to ask and what steps you can take to improve your financial future.  Learn more
  2. Outwitting the Devil– Written by Napoleon Hill himself to be the sequel to the bestselling personal development book of all time, Think and Grow Rich, the original manuscript was hidden for over 70 years because Hill’s family was afraid of the backlash it would create.  In this book, Hill takes on education, religion, sex and vanity and other avenues that the “devil”, whether real or imagined infiltrates and influences our lives.  This is the most powerful book I have ever been a part of it will be a life-changer for those who read it. Learn more
  3. Three Feet From Gold– My first work in partnership with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, this book is an incredible resource for the wisdom and insights that industry leaders shared they discovered in overcoming some of their most challenging times.  Not the traditional book on success, we asked these business giants how they got through their darkest hours and what kept them going when they were ready to quit.  You will relate to at least one of their stories and throughout the book are the nuggets that you can use to affirm yourself and stay motivated. Learn more
  4. ThriveTime for TeensIf you are looking for a tool to share with the young people in your life that will be fun and help them understand the realities of financial responsibility and what it is like in “the real world” this is it!  Teens have shared with us over and over how this game opened their eyes to what their parents deal with, to what they should expect when they are on their own and how they can change their decision making processes today to create a better tomorrow.  This is not only a great gift, but a wonderful family activity to get the conversation started about what the young people in your life know (or don’t know) about money.  Learn more.
  5. YOUTHpreneur It’s My BIZkitI am always amazed and inspired by the creativity and desire to learn about business and entrepreneurship when working with youth.  With this kit, you can put your child in the driver’s seat of creating a business and sharing it with others.  Included in the kit is a business tote bag, resource guide, workbook and mentor’s guide.  In addition, your YOUTHpreneur will receive business card templates, thank you cards, letterhead and envelopes.  This kit contains everything your child needs to plan out and share their entrepreneurial adventure with others!  At the end of 7 steps, when your YOUTHpreneur completes the workbook, they will have drafted their business plan!   With this gift, you can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of your loved one! Learn more

There is no better gift that you can give than that of prosperity and fulfillment.  I’ve put this holiday gift guide together based on my own love and passion for these products and the feedback that I have received from community members who have benefited from each of them.  This holiday season, I hope you invest in yourself and in the future of your loved ones with tools that will empower and inspire action for a brighter future!

To your success,

Sharon Lechter

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