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The Personal Selling Process | A Winning Sales Approach

personal selling processWhen it comes to sales, we are all looking for a quick fix. But easy solutions don’t always reap the most rewards. However, the personal selling process outlined in the “Management of a Sales Force” by Rosann Spiro, William Stanton and Greg Rich, will give you a guided process for sales.

The personal selling process is, as the name suggests, a personalized approach to sales. In short, it is a comprehensive eight-step system you can use to successfully navigate every part of the sales process.

By delving deeper into this eight-step process, you will hone your business skills and gain invaluable insights into your customers.

Part One: Identifying Prospects

This is the first stage of the sales process. A list of sales leads is compiled and then narrowed down to qualified prospects. These potential customers include those who have a need for the product or service or who have expressed interest in being contacted about it.

Part Two: The Pre-Approach

After a list of qualified prospects is compiled, the next step is planning for the sales interaction. Gather as much information as possible on your prospect, including demographics on sex, age, social media uses, etc. This will help you refine your pitch.

Part Three: The Approach

When you interact with the potential client or customer, it is a good idea to assume the customer’s point of view. This will help you better connect with them and potentially anticipate any questions or concerns they may have. Then explain the product thoroughly.

Part Four: Assessing Needs

Sometimes, prospects aren’t familiar with your product or service and don’t know why they would benefit from it. This knowledge usually comes after you have provided a detailed breakdown of the benefits of the product or service.

Part Five: The Presentation

Once you have sparked the customer’s interest, the next step is to create desire and to prompt action. Use persuasive and compelling language to deliver your pitch. Try to connect with the potential customer on both an analytical and emotional level.

Part Six: Address Objections

Even the most beautifully crafted pitch will sometimes encounter resistance. Try to anticipate any objections and come up with solid counter-arguments to dispel them.

Part Seven: Get a Commitment

It is important to close the deal. By this point, the prospect should be ready to commit. Once they are, you must artfully finalize the sale.

Part Eight: Follow-Up

Just because the sale is complete, that doesn’t mean your work is done. Be sure to keep in touch with the client and ensure they are happy and satisfied. By doing so, you will be obtaining their customer loyalty and setting the stage for your next sale.

The personal selling process is an effective systematic sales approach that will foster good customer relationships. I encourage every entrepreneur and business owner to master this eight-step approach for continued success.

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