how to get publishedGood writing is like fine wine. It takes time to cultivate. But once you fine-tune your writing skills and complete your first manuscript, you will want to focus on getting published. As a mentor, I know the challenges many of my clients face when it comes to getting published.

In today’s vast multimedia market, the paths to publishing are varied and can be achieved by anyone willing to put in the work.

Here are some considerations around the ABCs of publishing.

Agency Representation

Many writers seek out an agent to help them get published by traditional big-name publishers. But getting an agent to support you in this endeavor can be time-consuming and difficult. Agents have connections to get your book in front of the right editors and publishing houses. Although this can be very advantageous, agents will take a percentage of any profits from your work.

Research various agents before soliciting them. Once you find some potentially good ones, develop a query letter that includes an outline of your book and the number of pages recommended in the agent’s guidelines. Do not provide the complete manuscript, as this is a big no-no for most agents.

However, do keep in mind that even if you get an agent to agree to work with you, there is no guarantee that you will get a publishing deal. In addition, there are many considerations related to what rights to contract and the term of your agreement with an agent or publisher. Working with a mentor with experience in the area will help you avoid potentially costly issues related to agreements.

Blog & Write Articles

If you are looking to get published more easily, consider starting a blog or submitting your work to established blogs or magazines who publish guest contributors. Blog posts are a great way to build your platform and establish your credentials as a reputable writer and expert in your field. Publishers and agents will often check if you have any blog and magazine credits when you solicit them, so be sure to include these in your pitch.

Consider Self-Publishing

If you would rather dive right into the publishing world solo, then self-publishing might be your best bet. Today, there are many options for self-publishers. Do your research to find a self-publishing company that best fits your needs and the audience you want to target.

Getting published will establish you as a writer and expert in your field. Once you start to develop your brand, you will be able to cultivate a following and build a growing audience.

Check out our next blog to learn how to market your book your writing.

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