How to Discover Your Passion

discovering your passion

discovering your passionThroughout my career, passion has fueled all of my endeavors. My passion for mentoring and educating youth and adults in financial literacy is what motivates me to get up every morning. Influencing corporations, entrepreneurs, families and individuals to achieve their financial and entrepreneurial goals is at the heart of who I am.

Passion is also what helps millions of entrepreneurs take a leap of faith and start a new business. And I have been fortunate enough to mentor many along the way and share my knowledge.

Here are three key tips to help you discover your passion:

Remember Your Youth

When we are younger, the possibilities of life seem endless. But as we start to get older, the responsibilities of life begin to drown out our hopes and dreams. That’s why it is a good idea to reflect on the passions of your youth.

Ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. What made you happiest?
  2. What did you spend most of your free time doing?
  3. Who or what inspired you?

The answers to these questions may surprise, you and can provide you with invaluable insights about your passion.

Be Open to New Experiences

Anyone who has traveled overseas knows that this type of trip can ignite the spirit and give you a new perspective on people and cultures. Different experiences can give you a fresh outlook on life and teach you new things about yourself.

If you feel like nothing gets your juices flowing, decide to start doing something new and exciting. Enroll in a class you have always wanted to take but never had the time, try a new restaurant, learn a new language or maybe start volunteering for a special cause. These are just a few things you can do to open yourself up to new experiences. Once you do, be ready and attentive to what invigorates you most.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes, our passion is hidden from us because we are afraid to ask for help. Talk about what you are struggling with—our likes, dislikes, and what you want out of life—with a special friend, sibling or parent. By expressing ourselves in a safe environment with someone we trust, can help spark new ideas. These individuals—who perhaps know you even better than you know yourself—can provide a fresh perspective on your passions that you might not have even considered.

The Takeaway

Passion is the fuel that drives success and allows you to achieve your dreams. Follow these helpful tips to unleash your passion and fulfill your potential.

Contact me today to discover your passion or if want to embark on a mentoring journey with me.

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