Best Practices for Creating a Mastermind


Do you need help realizing the long-held goals you’ve set for yourself? Do you harbor even greater aspirations that you haven’t shared with anyone, for fear that you’ll seem overly ambitious? If so, that’s OK because almost all of us do! The truth is that most of our goals and dreams are eminently achievable, if we take the right steps to make them happen. One of the concepts that I find most helpful is the “mastermind.” It is a deeply powerful idea that allows you to tap into the collective wisdom and authority that surrounds you. Masterminding has been an important part of the process in supporting countless entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

To dive in deeper, let’s discuss the mastermind concept in greater detail and review some steps you can take to put it into action.

The power of the mastermind

Napoleon Hill, who was a visionary thinker, one of the world’s earliest personal development specialists and the author of the seminal book “Think and Grow Rich,” has helped millions of readers realize their ambitions. Hill took a systematic approach to studying what made people successful, and relayed his findings in a series of principles. One of his concepts is the mastermind group principle. It’s simple yet powerfully elegant formulation is as follows:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

That’s the essence of the mastermind principle — an alliance of the mind between talented people working to achieve the same objective. Most of the time when people work together in a group, the sparks of collaboration fly. This is where you can exchange ideas and cross-pollinate. Also, innovative thinking arises from such cooperative work. Additionally, when in alliance with other people who share the same goals, people become deeply motivated. They help nurture a burning desire to succeed in each other. When multiple individual minds come together, they create a larger, more powerful “master mind.”

Tips for creating your own mastermind

Interested in learning how to create a mastermind group? Here are some best practices:

  • Write down the purpose of your group, or your vision statement. By clearly establishing what the shared objective is, you will be able to find people who are can firmly dedicate to the same goals.
  • You can also list your expectations, protocols and ground rules. Like any other group, a mastermind should have some basic contours to follow. It would be helpful to write down how the group will operate, the number of people who will join, the rules it will function under and the protocols to be observed. Establish a point person to be a facilitator.
  • Identify and recruit others for the group. This is perhaps the most critical part. Leverage your networks and the networks of others to find positive people with necessary skills. Make sure they have enough time to fully commit. Enthusiasm is critical. It’s important to find people who share your burning desire to succeed.
  • You should also find an ideal spot. The right meeting place should be accessible to everyone.

The takeaway

The mastermind concept has helped thousands of people achieve their goals by facilitating group collaboration, harmonious work and enthusiasm. Contact me today — I know you’ll reach your goals!

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