How to Create Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lifetime working in a field that I absolutely love. Nothing thrills me more than seeing a new entrepreneur begin to succeed beyond all expectations. As someone who has spent many years working in business, finance and entrepreneurship, I’ve witnessed a lot of changes. One of the most relevant is the emergence of the personal brand. Your brand is the public face you present to the world. So make your brand a compelling one.

With that in mind, below I’ve listed some tips to help you establish and refine your own powerful personal brand identity.

Know how to position yourself

Before you begin taking steps to build your brand, it’s important to think deeply about who you are. For many entrepreneurs, this means being positioned as an authority figure in the niche where they operate. To get your branding started off on the right foot, identify the niche to which you’re best suited. Also, give careful consideration to the different ways you can add value.

Build your social presence

There’s no denying it: Social media is crucial to modern day branding. You’ll need to ensure that you have a credible, professional presence on all relevant social platforms. It’s not enough to simply join these networks and start Tweeting or posting; it is important to create relevant content and cultivate relationships. By ensuring the content you produce is highly useful and actionable, you will set yourself up for success in building an audience. By reaching out to other thought leaders on social platforms (preferably through organic interaction rather than overt appeals), you can raise your own profile and build your brand.

Become a published authority

One of the most powerful tools for brand building is the guest blog. By offering smart, well-written content to high-profile publications, you can burnish your credentials. And in addition, widen your audience and amplify your brand. Once you have guest blog posts perfected, don’t hesitate to branch out to e-books. This is where you can develop your areas of expertise in greater detail. Operating your own website provides your audience another opportunity to engage with your work.

Public speaking

Whether you’re giving a speech to an association or shooting a TV interview, public speaking engagements are a powerful brand builder. Putting a name with a face is a great way to accelerate your branding effort while also forging important new contacts.

The takeaway

Smart brand building is a virtual prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. Please contact me for more information about how you can get started on building a powerful brand for yourself in no time.

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