Personal Selling: The Process and Approach

Personal Selling

Have you ever heard someone be referred to as a “natural-born” salesperson? In reality, nobody is born hard-wired to be able to relate to, interact with, and convince audiences; these are all skills that are learned and perfected with practice and concentrated effort. Looking to boost your own personal selling strategy? A few tips will go a long way as you hone in on your ideal process and approach.

Learn to Be Relatable

One of the best ways to captivate an audience and get them to truly listen to you is to find a way to relate to them. This allows you to form a relationship with your audience and find common ground, which will go a long way in opening up potential sales opportunities.

Focus on Body Language

Your body language is everything when you’re interacting with a potential client or customer in-person! Take measures to honestly assess and improve your body language. You can do this by recording yourself delivering a speech or presentation and reviewing afterwards. You might notice, for example, that you were crossing your arms because you were cold. Unfortunately, this may have given off the wrong impression to your audience. You want your body language to be open and confident.

Ask and Answer Questions

When it comes to personal selling, it’s important to listen as much as you speak. Take time to ask questions to get a feel for what your audience needs, but make sure you’re actually listening to them when they respond. And if they have questions or concerns of their own to bring up with you, make sure you fully address them with confidence.

Always Follow-Up

Whether you make a sale or simply gain a new potential lead, it’s always a good idea to follow-up, whether it be via e-mail, phone call, or snail mail. This is especially important if you’ve made a sale, as following up will show that you care about their satisfaction with your product or service and that you’re open to feedback.

A little thoughtful strategy can go a long way in crafting your personal selling approach. Interested in perfecting your process? Contact me today and let’s chat!

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