How to Build Your Championship Team

Championship Team

The most persistent opponent you will ever face in life is yourself. It is simply human nature. The good news is you don’t have to face this opponent on your own. You have the opportunity to surround yourself with people that will champion you and your dreams. Here is how you build your championship team.

Find people who share your passion

Positivity begets more positivity. Champions don’t need to be convinced that the hard work will be worth it. They expect the arduousness of the task and embrace it with enthusiasm. A championship team will be dedicated to the process that puts them on top. They will celebrate the individual wins of each team member while never losing sight of the collective goal. Your attitude will rub off on those around you and the attitude you allow to infiltrate your team will create precedent. Find people who share your passion for what you want to accomplish to create a foundation of positivity.

Identify what skills you need on your championship team

Wouldn’t it be nice if all we needed was a positive attitude and to think positive thoughts to be successful? While these are key ingredients, they are not enough. There will be specific knowledge required and specific tasks to be completed on your road to success. You will need systems and accountability to reach your goals. Your championship team should be built with individuals who have these necessary skills and can work in a complimentary fashion with each other. Team members should have the specific knowledge necessary to do the job you are holding them accountable to. When you find that expectations are not being met-it is time for a new team member or rotation of that team member to a new position that is better suited for his or her skillset.

Enlist people who will give you push back

No one likes to be wrong. But “being right” all the time has a cost. Your championship team must have the ability to give you push back when it is appropriate. Having and army of “yes” men and women will not facilitate creating the best product, the best business or the best you. Open and respectful dialogue among your team to explore the best options for the best outcome is a necessity for success. Opposing or differing points of view lead to new perspectives which then leads to growth.

Believe in yourself

People want to follow a confident leader. You must believe in yourself in order to cultivate your championship team. Self doubt, negative inner talk and constant criticizing of yourself will repel the very people you want, and need, to have around you. Practice habits that build your belief in yourself. Be tolerant of your own weaknesses and surround yourself with people who are strong in those areas. Recognize that successful people reach their pinnacle with the support of others and allow yourself to ask for and accept the support you need while still owning your own power.

The Take Away

We all have the ability to define what success looks like in our personal as well as professional life. Whatever your definition of success, you will be served by building a championship team around you to support your progress and get you to the goal. Be sure that the team you are building is made up of people that not only believe in you and your goals as much as you do… but also have the skill sets and the courage to do what it takes to successfully campaign for the win.

Your Championship Team with be a reflection of the Champion in You!

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