What would you do with a few extra hundred or thousand dollars? Whether paying off bad debt or saving to invest in assets, who couldn’t use a little extra cash?  I’ve shared ideas below for you on 5 ways to make quick cash that can be put to work getting your financial house in order.

Sell Stuff You Don’t Use

You probably expected to see this on the list and have done this yourself. Have you sold old clothes or furniture? What about those old phones or gift cards you have laying around? Do you have a tablet you purchased but don’t use? Be sure you clear off any personal information that may be accessible on electronics and then see how much you can get. Even if only a small amount- it is more than it’s worth sitting in a drawer or on a shelf collecting dust.

Sell Other People’s Stuff to Make Quick Cash

Just like you- your friends and family probably have old stuff laying around that they don’t use. Ask around about clothes that don’t fit, electronics that don’t get used and other items that are just collecting dust in the homes of your personal network. Chances are, they may be willing to give you the items just to declutter and not have to worry about disposing of the items. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood and online listings like Craigslist for free stuff people are trying to get rid of too that would be easy to turn around and sell quickly.

Sell Your Services or Skills

What are you good at? There is an online platform to match customers with service providers of almost any kind. Even if you are only looking for some quick cash occasionally, there are a variety of places you can find people willing to pay for all kinds of services. Whether you walk dogs, can perform handyman services or are a creative- there is an online matchmaking platform that, for a fee, will pair you with gigs and handle the process of collecting payment.

Participate in Paid Consumer Research

Have you ever looked at the bottom of a checkout receipt and there was an offer or coupon for completing an online survey? Companies are always looking for how to better anticipate what consumers want. They are willing to pay to get that information. While some online surveys pay very little, participating in focus groups or other forms of consumer research can earn you $100 per hour or more. You can find a list of recommended companies based on the experience of one writer here.

Sell Your Photos

Cell phones have made it incredibly easy to capture high quality photos. Even if you aren’t walking around with a high-priced digital camera all the time- you probably have captured an incredible sunset, a photo of a cool or novel item or an image of a destination you’ve visited. You take the picture once and then sell it over and over again through sites that will allow you to upload your photo for sale. Disclaimer: be sure you read the terms and conditions of these sites very carefully. In addition, be sure that you have written permission from anyone that appears in a photo you plan to sell agreeing to the sale of the photo.

 The Take Away

I teach that financial freedom comes from having assets that generate enough revenue to pay for your expenses. If you are like many people, bad debt or lack of cash is a barrier for following this strategy. While these ideas on their own won’t lead to long term wealth- finding ways to make quick cash on occasion will speed your journey if available funds are an issue for you. The key is to be intentional in how you use this strategy, so you can leverage the results you get from your efforts to the greatest benefit. To find more ideas on how to make quick cash, look here.

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