Putting Yourself in the Place of Greatest Potential with Pat Hiban and Tim Rhode

When Pat Hiban and Tim Rhode discovered how much they had in common, they were excited. But when they realized that they could bring their experiences together to create a supportive community, they opened new doors of potential in their lives, and the ‘tribe of millionaires’ was born. The tribe is a group of men who support each other in living healthy and engaged lives, both at home and out in the world. It is also the title of their new book, in which they detail the six lessons that their tribe holds to, in an exciting story.

“It’s an amazing story told in a fun way, all about the connection of the five people you’re surrounded with, and what a tribe can do for your life.”

What You Will Discover

  • The value of the five people closest to you
  • How to manage investments and create passive income
  • Ideas for prioritizing health and engagement in your life
  • How you can build your own tribe


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