Operating with Openness for Opportunity with Chantal Schutz

Chantal Schutz embodies the ‘go-getting’ spirit that every entrepreneur needs to have to create success. She has several businesses that she has grown to reach seven figures, all while being a mother and a CPA. Her path to her current accomplishments, however, was not clear or expected. In today’s conversation, Chantal is sharing how her continued openness for opportunity has allowed her to actualize the entrepreneurial hunger that she was born with.

You’re only ever going to get what you go out and hunt for, and if you want something bad enough, you need to go out and make it happen for yourself.”

What You Will Discover

  • How to create openness to new opportunity in your life and work
  • Key skills for entrepreneurs to create success
  • An understanding that anything is possible with the right vision and action


  • Connect with Chantal on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  • Visit Chantal’s website at chantalschutz.com
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