Becoming Legendary by Being Different with Christopher Lochhead

Christopher Lochhead became an entrepreneur when he was young, not out as a way up, but as a way out of the environment he grew up in. Fast forward many years and he is a three time Silicon Valley CMO, until his most recent company was acquired by HP for 5 billion dollars. In his new book Niche Down: How To Become Legendary By Being Different, he explains that creating legendary success is not so much about out competing others in your market category, but creating new categories altogether, and standing apart by being unique. I’m exited to share this fascinating conversation I had with Christopher.

“Most people in business make a massive assumption about what they’re doing: that they are competing for demand in an existing market category with a strategy called, ‘our stuff is better than their stuff.’ And as a result of that, most small businesses and most new businesses fail.”

What You Will Discover

  • How to set yourself and your business apart
  • Confidence to showcase how your work is unique
  • Strategies that brought legendary innovators to the top of their fields


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