Leading Through Differentiation with Tim Ranzetta

It’s been my passion since 1992 to make financial education resources available to schools across the country. After many years, I’ve finally found an organization that is leading the charge, and making relevant, accessible information available nationally, as well as internationally. Tim Ranzetta is the Founder of Next Generation Personal Finance, where he is creating hands-on curricula to help students and teachers across the globe increase their financial literacy.

“I built a curriculum from scratch because I didn’t see anything that was as hands-on, as relevant, as experiential as I felt like this course needed to be, and it basically changed the future direction of where I was going to spend the rest of my working years.”

What You Will Discover

  • Excellent financial education resources for students and teachers
  • How to lead your community in financial education
  • What states are doing to bring financial education into schools


  • Explore Next Gen Personal Finance resources at ngpf.org
  • Visit Next Gen’s arcade for experiential games for students at ngpf.org/arcade
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