Creating Leveraged Marketing Systems with Steve Gordon

I’m excited to share the conversation I had with my guest Steve Gordon, who has the true depth of experience and knowledge to make a big difference for service business owners. At a young age he was thrust into a role as CEO that he wasn’t fully prepared for, and had to learn quickly. Under his leadership his company was successful, but lost many of its clients during the financial crisis of 2008, requiring Steve to pivot in his work. In the midst of challenging times, Steve found a way to use his experience as a CEO to inspire others and now helps business owners discover the full value of their work, and build systems to grow their work in their industries.

“Most service businesses are looking for the right handful or the right dozen or few dozen clients in a year, not hundreds, typically. And the way to get there with a podcast is to focus on what we call ‘the small audience,’ and that’s the audience of very specific and strategic people that you’re going to invite to have a conversation with you.”

What You Will Discover

  • How to build leveraged marketing systems to build your business
  • Podcasting as a method for attracting new clients
  • Knowing the true value of your work and asking for it


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