The Power of Reciprocation and Giving Before You Ask

Are you a giver? Giving feels good, and those of us who are innately of the giving type know this, because our desire to give to others helps them, and helps us in the process. Today’s episode is about the power of reciprocity, which starts with the wish to share your talents with the world, and having the openness to let others do the same for you.

“We’ve heard the statement, ‘Give and you shall receive.’ We’ve also heard the statement, “Just ask.” There’s an element of ‘just ask’ that is allowing yourself to  be able to ask, and you do that by being a giver first. It’s the theory of reciprocity.”

What You Will Discover

  • The traits that givers all have in common
  • How reciprocity starts with the desire to give
  • What the power of giving looks like on a practical level for your business


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