Taking A Step Back to Grow Forward with Dr. Kristy Morgan

This week’s guest is Dr. Kristy Morgan, an accomplished chiropractor who is also the director of Candle Wishes, a non-profit dedicated to helping underprivileged children celebrate their birthdays. Kristy has always had a deep desire to help others from a young age, and she eventually realized that being a chiropractor was the ideal way for her to achieve that. She’s also very savvy on the entrepreneurial side of the industry and is always looking for ways to provide new services for additional revenue and growth. In our conversation, we talk about Kristen’s journey from being a chiropractor to having a management company and ultimately incorporating her non-profit work into her like in a more significant way.


  • The importance of finding ways to streamline your business in order to grow
  • The benefits of taking a step back to reassess and recalibrate your goals
  • How to pivot your way toward your passion and make it a bigger part of your life
  • Kristen’s daily habits to help her manage all the things she does and still have time left over


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