Taking Losses and Creating Gains with Heather Dye

This week’s guest is Heather Dye, an entrepreneur, coach, and founder of Wigs For Every Woman. Heather discovered her entrepreneurial spirit during a tough time in her life when she turned to Facebook Live as a way to clean out her closet. It was such a success that she was encouraged to do more and more, and a business was born! Header shifted to wigs after she woke up one day to learn that her hair was falling out, and quickly realized that wearing wigs could be a tremendous source of confidence. Heather shares her story with us from the very start to where she is currently, how she deals with online negativity in a productive way, and how she goes about fulfilling her mission of inspiring unshakeable confidence in women!


  • Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others when it comes to building your business online
  • Why people pleasing is ultimately an act of self-sabotage
  • Why authenticity is the best strategy to attract your tribe 


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