Creating Hope in Hopeless Places with Britnie Turner

This week’s guest is real estate entrepreneur Britnie Turner, CEO and founder of Aerial Development Group, which is dedicated to the mindful revitalization of urban neighborhoods. Britnie was inspired to eschew the traditional route of going to college after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and instead bought her first piece of real estate. One of Britnie’s earliest passions in life was doing mission work in Africa, so she eventually developed a way to integrate her philanthropic work with her business endeavors. Tune in to her complete story of she got started and how she got to where it is today, offering vital tips along the way about how you too can use your business acumen to make the world a better place. 

What You Will Discover:

  • What a triple bottom line is, and the power of constructing your business around one
  • How capitalism can be used as a force for good that benefits both people and the planet
  • Why there are good versions and bad versions of gentrification


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