Next Level Networking with Tracey and Paul Smolinski

In this episode, I talk to Tracey and Paul Smolinski, owners of Introbiz, an award-winning networking and events business founded in 2009 around a compelling vision – to make an impact on the business community by placing businesses with their target audiences at five-star events and locations. Introbiz is now one of the most respected business networks in South Wales, hosting weekly networking events as well as Wales’ National business exhibition every autumn. We talk about their inspiring story about how they first got together, some challenges they’ve overcome with their business, plans for the future, and more!

What You Will Discover:

  • How perseverance is one of the key skills you need to succeed in business over the long haul
  • Why it’s important to continue to evolve and expand into new areas over the course of your career
  • Why you need to invest in yourself and invest in opportunities


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