Rescue Yourself with Annette Comer

Annette Comer is a global leadership mentor and author who helps women grow into savvy business leaders. She is also an avid hiker, horseback rider, and yoga instructor! Annette joins me today to share her story with us, including how she got her start in mechanical engineering, went on to 20-years in the male-dominated corporate world before finally branching out on her own. Annette’s book, “Rescue Me! How To Save Yourself and Your Sanity When Things Go Wrong”, teaches real solutions and tools to work through tough situations, so be sure to check it out!

What You Will Discover:

  • Why women need more role models to let them know that they can achieve big goals
  • How growing up on farms helped craft Annette’s unshakeable work ethic
  • How entrepreneurs can adapt when unpredictable events happen


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