Crank Up Your Positive Self Talk with Sharon Lechter

Self talk has the potential to pull you down and perpetuate negativity and hostile thought processes. However, it is important that we rework these self-evaluations to lift us up to reach our goals. In doing so we can eliminate the negativity, eradicate fear, and re-evaluate the subconscious ways that we are speaking to ourselves. Through shifting our self-talk towards more positive, and motivating, stimulating, and refreshing belief systems, we can allow our minds to become motivated and inspired, rather than bring us down. Once you are able to rework these thoughts, we can work to rewire our minds to consider our positive attributes and the amazing qualities that every one of us is able to bring to the table.

What You Will Learn

  • Practices for writing down our subconscious self-evaluations
  • How to put self-talk into positive action rather than defeat
  • Exercises for creating positivity
  • Techniques for complimenting yourself
  • Benefits of focusing on positive self-talk
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