Taking Charge of Your Destiny with David R. Ibarra

David R. Ibarra is a leadership consultant, speaker, and author who is dedicated to inspiring people to optimize their success through mindset practices. From humble beginnings growing up in the foster care system, David achieved his success through hard work, grit, and determination. Influenced by the work of Napoleon Hill, David teaches people around the world about how a negative state of mind can only lead to negative results. Rather than feeling suffocated in your careers, David advises people how to change their habits, adapt their mindsets, and overcome being drifters in their careers.⁣

David’s Website: www.stopdrifting.com⁣
David’s Book Stop Drifting:www.stopdrifting.com/product⁣
eLeader Tech:www.eleadertech.com⁣

What You Will Learn:⁣
– How to use state of mind to ensure you reach your potential⁣
– Allow people to create a better world through ⁣
– Meaning of spiritual suicide, drifter and non-drifter⁣
– Mindset techniques to capturing your more dynamic selves⁣
– How to merge your business with charitable work

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