Finding Rocket Fuel for Your Success with Mike C-Rock Ciorrocco

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is extremely driven to help other people achieve greatness and success through empowering them to find greatness in themselves and use past life events to fuel their fire. Having come from a hard upbringing, C-Roc was determined to overcome the trauma in his past and break free from any of the negative expectations forced upon him. Founder of People Building, Inc, C-Rock is a performance coach, public speaker and thought leader that helps transform the lives of people from all walks of life.⁣⁣
We speak about C-Roc’s own very personal perspective in why it is important to overcome the negative events of your past, and the value in vouching for oneself to give yourself the space needed to become a better person. We also speak about how he was inspired by his life events to create a company to help people who might be in the same predicament. We have an in-depth conversation about how he started his business and the importance of lifestyle and surrounding yourself with powerful people in playing a bigger game and creating a stronger legacy.⁣⁣
What You Will Learn⁣⁣
– Techniques to overcome hardship⁣⁣
– How to have a positive impact⁣⁣
– Power in proximity⁣⁣
– Power of association⁣⁣
C-Roc’s Website:⁣⁣
C-Roc’s Instagram:⁣⁣
What Are You Made Of? Podcast:⁣⁣

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