Becoming a Money Scientist with Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV, “Dr. Finance”

This week, we hear from Dr. Anthony M. Criniti, otherwise known as “Dr. Finance”. Anthony has worked as both a professor and a well-regarded investor and financial planner. He is currently an extremely well-regarded financial scientist who has written several books about the importance and value of financial education and a practical understanding of the financial world that surrounds us.


Anthony speaks about his experience overcoming the trials that he has went through in his life, as well as the value of learning from your mistakes and using trial and error to become a stronger, more capable individual. He also speaks about the value of studying the great financial figureheads of the past as a way of learning from their wisdom and trials to build a better personal future. It is impossible to build a strong financial future for oneself without understanding finance on a deeper level. Through both the books and the knowledge that Anthony has shared, he actively advocates for people to bring about a more financially aware and financially prepared generation. Lastly, we speak about the power of mentorship from living people and the degree to which mentorship can help people grow on a personal level.


Anthony’s Website:

Anthony’s Books:


What You Will Learn

  • How to overcome failure
  • Definition of Financialist
  • Power of learning from people of the past
  • Value of mentorship
  • The necessity of financial education
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