Finding Your Own Limelight with Clarissa Burt

Clarissa Burt has excelled at many things, and achieved fame in Italy during her 30 year career as a model, actress, and award-winning director. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, she, like many people, had to reconsider the future, and reinvent themselves to adapt to the unexpected shifts that life brings. After a decade of developing a new business, Clarissa has brought many of her talents together, and has created a new career for herself with In The Limelight Media, an online multimedia platform to help women entrepreneurs gain exposure and grow.

“It wasn’t about being famous and being known. It was about what was going to be next and how I was going to get there.”

What You Will Discover

-How to find your own limelight
-How to evolve yourself and your career as life brings unexpected changes
-Tips for using media to increase exposure for your business


-Clarissa’s new platform In The Limelight Media
-Listen to the In The Limelight podcast

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