Building an Empire with Elena Cardone

Born in New Orleans, Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood as a successful actress and model before becoming the empire builder and visionary that she is today. Breaking away from traumatic experiences of her past, Elena is the executive producer of the 10X Ladies Event and Build an Empire Mastermind events. She has inspired many empire builders and as a successful business coach, has built the groundwork for hundreds of people to excel in their careers and marriage.


I speak with Elena about her experience overcoming her tumultuous childhood and young life, as well as how she grew the empire that she has today. Elena goes into depth into her understanding of what it means to make powerful connections and how meaningful partnerships can propel your businesses to success. We additionally discuss techniques to inspire people to make significant changes within their lives.


What You Will Learn

  • How to get yourself out of a rut
  • Importance of partnership
  • Skills to building an empire
  • Importance of female empowerment
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