How to Tell a Story in Your Brand with Marc Gutman

Marc Gutman is the founder of Wildstory, a company that helps businesses create authentic stories by generating buyers and brand loyalty. They help solve big business problems and create a plan for long-term success by considering everything from story, strategy, culture brand, and content equally. Starting out in the film industry, Marc moved on to working as an entrepreneur but realized his inner drive to work as a writer. Through his business, Marc was able to combine his two interests allowing him to build success while also following his passions.

Sharon speaks with Marc about his career path from driving film around Los Angeles to the accomplished person that he is today. We speak about how to find a path that fits your interests, as well as build a business plan that will prepare both you and your company for the utmost success. Marc dives into the importance of brand image and the way that your company presents itself to the world, as well as the value of relevancy and staying modernized rather than letting your company get caught in the past. We speak about what it means to build a better business not only for the money in your pockets but for the health and growth of the larger world and environment that surrounds us.

What You Will Learn

  • 7 rules that every brand should follow
  • Importance of being at the forefront of advancement
  • How to find your desired career path
  • Value of relevancy
  • Techniques to build a better business
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