When Life Knocks the Shout Out Of You Tour

When Life Knocks The Shout Out Of You- Nashville

There are very few in the country who make a stronger more aligned group than Celebrity Life Coach Tim Storey, Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Sharon Lechter, and America’s Coach Micheal Burt. Tim, with a deep background in “setbacks to comebacks,” and Coach Burt will a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to perform at higher levels.

In 2020 Tim, Sharon, and Coach will be offering the most DYNAMIC one day events in a multi-city tour titled, “When Life Knocks the Shout out of You Tour.” This one day event will be a deep personal journey toward:

Building a deep resiliency
Finding your voice in life
Learning how to “bounce back” from “set backs”
Turn your “set back” to your “come back”
How to build optimism and energy to attract
How to become a “person of interest” and influence
How to build deep and powerful networks of support and encouragement
How to use adversity to accelerate progress
How to handle “departures away from your ideal scene”
How to never become DISTRACTED away from your big goals



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Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN