Mastering the Art of Connection with Brandon Fong

Brandon Fong is one of the most inspirational young entrepreneurs that I know. Brandon is the founder and podcast host of 7-Figure Millennials, a show that focuses on interviewing young people who are pursuing big financial goals to achieve something bigger than themselves. He focuses on why success is not just measured by commas in your bank account, but by happiness and the good that one is doing for the world. He is additionally a master of the importance of connections, and a master of creating meaningful and lasting connections.


I speak with Brandon about his past childhood growing up on the free lunch program in a lower-income household had monumental impacts on the heart-centered successful person that he is today. We additionally speak about both the human and experiential influences behind the businesses that Brandon has created and the inspiration behind all of his work today. Brandon and I go into depth into the power of association and the amazing positive influence that Brandon’s network has played in building his success.


What You Will Learn

  • How to overcome roadblocks
  • Importance of connections
  • Meaning of ‘ask for advice, and the money will come’
  • Power of association
  • Importance of happiness
  • The evolving definition of success
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